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Illustrated by the author, this triptych of science fiction stories is set within the dystopian universe of the novel The Rise and Fall of Shimmerism. "The Profits of Apocalypse" takes place on New Year’s Eve, in the year 2199, approximately 33 years after the events of the novel. The tale begins at the League of Faiths Pavilion on the planet Reetar, where one of the novel's pervasively present, yet never encountered characters, Pad Q. Glibbert, is addressing his constituents. In the crowd sits an elderly Meinolf Gloomdred, prurient as always, and still enraged about Simon Shadow having slipped from his vengeful grasp so many years prior. "The Centers of Old Empires" begins in the year 2167, mere moments after the novel ends. Simon Shadow has been abandoned in an escape pod, cruelly dumped in a distant, unknown solar system by the United Galactic Marine Corps. As the hours pass, Simon slowly realizes his survival is tied to an ominous set of choices. "The Gulf of the Architect" takes place in the year 2200, three months after the events of "The Profits of Apocalypse." Armboris Thorn, a disillusioned Zealtor of the World Order on the planet Tigris IV, agrees to take on a mysterious new client—a man with a strangely familiar name, a missing past, and an enticing proposal.

"Great sequel... answers some lingering questions and offers new ones to ponder!" (US)

The year is 2167. The Earth is overpopulated, ruled by a vast corporate entity known as the World Order. Lost within the crush of the seething populace, Simon Shadow narrowly survives a coworker's explosive suicide, leading him to a fateful decision—abandon Earth to start a new life on a distant world. The colonies, however, are marred by the World Order's savage mix of spirituality and commerce; it doesn't take long for Simon to find himself caught in the middle of an inescapable religious war. Struggling to adapt to the bureaucratic rigors of the colony, Simon gathers a few unlikely allies; but no one can prepare him for the side-effect of his exposure to the powerful drug Tigris: an amplified awareness of apocalyptic spider-like entities lurking at the threshold of human consciousness. The parabolic odyssey that unfolds is rife with danger. From the depths of an alien desert to the very gates of human perception—and beyond—Simon Shadow must find a way out!

"...reminded me of Philip K. Dick..." (UK)